Fun Company Technical

Part of the Fun Company offering, is The Tenpin Bowling Technical Division which can assist with the Development, installation and maintenance of the following:

Tenpin Centres of 2 - 16 Lanes at:

  • Mall Developments, Family Resorts, Golf Estates
  • Hotels, Lodges and Beach Resorts
  • Home bowling designs and installations of 1-2 lanes
  • Conference centres and corporate Head offices for Team Building
  • Amusements & Fun products to add to your bowling applications to make bowling more fun!

Our professional team can assist with all projects from start to finish to ensure, not only that your requirements are met, but that your overall finished product is appealing, and of international standard.

Fun Company Technical fit and use only the best, for this reason we choose QubicaAMF for our product and equipment solutions.

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